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Favorite exterior finish for wood siding

joenorm | Posted in General Questions on

I have some experience with wood siding finishes. I’ve used Sikkens Cetol, a variety of Daly’s products, random stuff left from others.

I am wondering if anyone has a product they really love. My goal is to preserve the wood while maintaining the look of wood, so nothing with too much solid content to start covering grain.

The siding material is locally sawn Fir, oriented vertically

I have not decided if I’m going to do something with a bit of grey in it or go with a “natural” oil look.

Product I am interested in are Auson Pine Tar Vitiol

And Rubio MonoCoat, but this one is probably way out of my price range by the looks of it.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. seabornman | | #1

    We are using the PPG Proluxe, which to my understanding is the Sikkens product rebranded by PPG. We like it but only have a year and a half exposure so far. I think it important to detail such that the wood could survive on its own without finish, and have the finish exptend the appearance and longevity. Wood species and generous overhangs are important.

  2. NateSc | | #2

    I used TWP, been happy with the performance and maintenance is easy. Just spray a diluted bleach solution, rinse it off, let it dry and restain. It's penetrating so no peeling and sanding.

    Pic is eastern white pine, color is "Pecan." Phone camera doesn't do it justice IMO.

    I did all the interior of my house in rubio monocoat, very happy with that. The outdoor product seems crazy expensive if it doesn't last for 10-20 years, which I'm sure it wouldn't.

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