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Fiberglass Reinforced UPVC Windows

Jory_H | Posted in General Questions on

We are trying to decide on windows for our new home and have heard great things about Alpen.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on their Tyrol series(fiberglass reinforced UPVC) windows vs the Zenith series(fiberglass).   I like the thought of fiberglass windows(Zenith)for their strength and durability but I am curious if there is anything to the fiberglass reinforced UPVC that is offered in the Tyrol series or is it more of a marketing gimmick. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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  1. ajc_electric | | #1

    so far the tyrol series have been great. just waiting for the blower door testing to see how well they do

  2. n2dirt | | #2

    How are the prices on tyrol series?

    1. ajc_electric | | #4

      Can’t really compare prices now since I’m assuming they have gone up because of materials prices in general.
      As for quality I can say you won’t regret it. Huge difference and not comparable to any double hung. I ended up with the Tylenol 9++

  3. Jory_H | | #3

    Operable units are running about $50 per sq ft. (R7 series)

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