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Filling in a Garage Door in a Conditioned Space

alex_coe | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve got some slightly atypical assembly options I wanted to run by the hive mind.

I’m converting a garage and removing the garage door, then framing in the opening and insulating it. Client wants to do painted plywood or OSB where the door was, adding some 1x boards to the surface for a barn door look to keep it looking like a door from the curb. The garage will be insulated.

How should I detail this? Going from EXT to INT, here’s what I’m thinking:

Painted plywood or OSB with seams caulked, HAL 60 min building paper stapled to framing, fiberglass insulation, poly vapor barrier. From here there is a 1″ air gap before the interior stud framing and meticulously airtight inner drywall. 

For a more vapor permeable assembly I could also do the same as above, but swap the poly VB out and use kraft faced fiberglass insulation which is available here.

The surface of this fake door will be inset 4.25″ from the rest of the siding, and there is a 16″ overhang.

Option B would be to do as above, but use pre-finished sheets of HardiePanel in place of the OSB/ply with seams caulked.

Would either of these be fine in this setting? What about the poly vs kraft faced fiberglass? 

One last option, for soundproofing purposes, would be as above but with OSB sheathing, building paper over that, then HardiePanel with caulked seams. No rainscreen gap. Building paper is just sandwiched between the OSB and HardiePanel.

Are there any details here I should avoid? Or am I free to choose between options based on preference and cost?

Thanks guys 🙂

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