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Fireplace insert vs. the blower door test

forcedexposure | Posted in General Questions on

Good morning folks,

Yesterday afternoon, the air sealing and insulation work was completed on the first and second floor of my house by Carbon Cutters, the company that writes poetry about air sealing. They’re really passionate about what they do! 

So now the blower door test results are in on my 1934 New England cape / Tudor rival hybrid.
was: 4100 CFM50
now: 2900 CFM50
It’s fair to be happy about these results because the house is a confusing partially balloon-framed one and a half stories, with lots of corners and knee walls, a gable and three additional dormers. 

however, while I was sitting in the living room, during the blower door test depressurization, I could feel feel a breeze on my ankles. Air was coming from the new fireplace insert. 

Was I wrong to believe that the insert would seal up the fireplace?

Or was it installed incorrectly?
Thanks in advance for any insight, Kris

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