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First Living Building Challenge Projects certified

Jesse Thompson | Posted in General Questions on

The first three Living Building Challenge projects have been certified. This is great news, it’s a very ambitious program that lays down some strong markers for what a truly healthy / sustainable building might look like.


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  1. Lucas Durand | | #1

    Any idea if there is more detail published on any of these projects? I am interested in seeing exactly how these buildings earned some of their "petals".

  2. user-869687 | | #2

    Here's some info about one of the projects.

  3. user-869687 | | #3

    Here's info on another of the projects. I find this more inspiring than the one above, including this quote: "If it's not affordable it's not sustainable."

  4. Lucas Durand | | #4

    Thanks Thomas. There is a link in the PDF brochure that leads to another website:
    which has a link to another PDF:
    which contains some interesting information.
    Thanks again.

  5. Lucas Durand | | #5

    Ha. Just noticed it's all the same website. Need more coffee I guess.

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