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Flashing a Brick Wainscot & Adding a Trim Detail

JayMart | Posted in General Questions on

Hi Community,

Needed some advice in Zone 5. Is there a suggested way to flash a brick wainscot all the way around my building, but also include a pvc trim detail before the siding? I first looked in the detail library and found what I think I need with the exception of the trim detail. The example I drew with an arrow  is exactly what we were looking for before starting the siding. Is there an way where I could integrate a trim or something similar prior to starting the siding, but also flash appropriately?

By the way, I was planning on using white aluminum. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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  1. mr_reference_Hugh | | #1

    Jason, the image you show of the assembly includes a detail with the flashing:
    - install flashing
    - flashing starts from behind sidings
    - Overlap paper (hoping you have a good quality membrane where it says paper)
    - Tape the paper to the flashing
    - The flashing terminates over the stone/brick cap.

    Can you explain further where you see the challenge with adding the piece of trim?

    Can you attach a simple sketch of the way you think it should be flashed with the trim in the assembly?

    When you ask whether the selection of flashing material is appropriate, are you concerned about the corrosion of the flashing or something else?

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