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Flush mount low-profile LED lights that don’t extend into the box.

ranson | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I got a bunch of Halo BLD6089SWHR light fixtures to mount in my kitchen instead of recessed lights. I have them mounted on standard circular light boxes. I’ve found that they’re terrible. They protrude significantly into the junction box, the wires get pinched between the sharp metal frame and the back protrusion, and the color temperature selection switch sticks out and changes settings when you push the light into the box and twist it to lock it in place.

Can anyone suggest a similar recessed-light alternative fixture that doesn’t protrude into the junction box? I would prefer something in the 4000k – 5000k color temperature range.



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  1. graham78 | | #1
  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    Are you using the regular octagon boxes (these are usually the ones people mean by “round”)? Metal or plastic? The “regualar” ones are about 1-1/2” deep. There is also a “pancake” box that is maybe 3/4” deep that is usually only used for things like ceiling fans, and only in special situations. You shouldn’t be using the pancake boxes for normal applications.

    If you have a bunch of those lights and have access to the boxes, you can get “deep” octagon boxes that are 2-1/8” deep. The deep boxes might solve your problem and let you use the lights you already have.

    If you’re using plastic boxes, which will be round (the metal ones are octagons), check if any of the molded parts inside like the cable clamps are interfering with the lights. Those plastic parts often slope into the box from the sides and I’ve seen them interfere with devices before. You can usually notch them out a little with diagonal cutters if they are binding on the lights somewhere. Don’t overdo the notching or you can damage the box.


  3. ranson | | #3

    They're regular depth boxes, round, and made from plastic. The wiring fills up the boxes far more than is comfortable for the amount the light sticks in the back. The color temperature switch catches on the wires and wire nuts that it sandwiches into the back of the box.

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