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Foundation waterproofing membranes

bryanw511 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I want to specify a spray applied foundation wall waterproofing membrane that is not asphalt based. From what I understand, there’s polyurethane and rubber based. What’s the difference? Pros/cons of each?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Bryan, I imagine there are polyurethane waterproofing agents but I've never seen them used. In general, for a basic level of dampproofing, you use an asphalt emulsion, and for a higher level of waterproofing you use an elastomeric rubber compound. Asphalt emulsion is ok if you have excellent drainage and don't care if some water gets through, or you can use it in conjunction with a dimple membrane. If you want to make sure the foundation is waterproof, an elastomeric compound with dimple mat is the best.

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