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Freestanding kitchen sink cabinet recommendation?

user-5026070 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Can you recommend a retail source for a free standing kitchen sink cabinet that is not MDF or pressboard? Thank you.

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  1. brp_nh | | #1

    We used Barker Cabinets for a recent house build and were very happy.

  2. user-5026070 | | #2

    Thanks, Brian.

  3. charlie_sullivan | | #3

    I just today finished installing a Barker cabinet that I'm quite happy with. After ordering it I learned about Cabinotch, which is a similar system, but uses joints that slide together instead of screws. In some cases, that might leave an end panel adequately finished without adding an extra end piece, and it might be sturdier. Cabinotch just sells the cabinets carcasses, not the doors, drawers, etc., and at least officially, only sells to professionals. You could order the doors, etc. from one of the many companies that just specialize in those, or order them from someone like Keystone Cabinets that uses the Cabinotch system to assemble a complete ready-to-assemble kit they sell you. I think Keystone gives you more options.

    But I haven't tried Keystone or Cabinotch and I'm the second to report a good experience with Barker so Barker seems like a safe bet. Here are the links in case you want to check out other options

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