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Getting rid of Post lights on porch. What to do about the wires?

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I am working on a concrete porch that is going to end up having a freestanding deck installed over it and extending out into the yard. Currently, there are 2 light poles embedded in the concrete that have wires running up through one of the supports to power the lights. 

The homeowner would like for the wires to be accessible in order to install lighting on the new porch. My plan is to simply cut the supports flush with the concrete. leave the support that has the wire coming out of it about 1/2″ proud of the concrete surface and then install a weatherproof pvc terminal box over this and secure it in place with Tapcons. I cannot find where this would be any type of violation of the NEC, but just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any other suggestions.

Pictures are included for reference.


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