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Good tape for OSB house sheathing

Stripes7 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hey guys, I have a build coming up where the homeowner wants to do a few things to improve their energy savings without too much added cost.  One of those things I think would be a good bang for buck and labor is taping their OSB seams.  I can’t import zip sheathing here and have it be cost effective so I am limited to using regular OSB.  My understanding is that some tapes are rated for OSB sheathing. 

I would like to know what products you suggest that can be purchased easily online and not break their budget.  I have used Grace Vycor and 3m Flashing Tape personally.  The 3m tape appears to be a little more tenacious for adhering to sheathing but I wanted to get some other opinions. 

I know, that supposedly Zip Sheathing wins here because it has the coating and their tape is rated for that coating…. but working with what I have available to me. 

Also open to ideas if you think there is a better place to spend time and money for energy efficiency.  We will be using standard 2×6 framing and using mineral wool for the interior insulation. Standard vented attic with baffles in every truss space with cellulose blown in after drywall is hung on the ceiling.

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  1. ohioandy | | #1

    For a budget "off label" use, Zip tape on plain OSB is pretty well established as an air barrier on the cheap. It's actually not cheap, but bang-for-buck I'd say you're good. Easily obtained online. It's wide enough to be useful, sticky enough to instill confidence, and it wins the "backyard tape tests" documented on this site. And for window sills, Zip Stretch tape is incredibly quick and effective. Even more expensive, but one roll goes a long way. BE RELIGIOUS ABOUT ROLLING THIS STUFF. A holy roller, as it were.

  2. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #2

    Hey Ralph.

    Agree with you on the 3M tape. Though I have not used it on OSB, (I have used it on rigid foam, and it is tenacious) and many builders like the 3M All Weather flashing tape for OSB.

  3. jberks | | #3

    I vouch for 3m 8067 on OSB. It works great. I've given it a good test like trying to rip it off and soaking it with water etc.

    I haven't used zip tape because it's horribly expensive in Toronto. So I can't give you a proper comparison.

  4. Stripes7 | | #4

    Okay good to know, so Zip brand tape on plain osb is one option if I find it to be more affordable than 3m All Weather flashing tape it sounds like? I've used grace vycor for window pans but the stretch option of Zip and other brands does sound promising for the lower corners instead of butterfly patches. I will also note that my Grace Vycor used for windows when applied to housewrap, it actually would come loose after a couple weeks! Makes me want to try a different flashing anyway.

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