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Gree 1 way cassette high ceiling

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone know if these gree 1 way cassette can operate if the ceiling height is 18-20 feet tall?

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  1. cbut8995 | | #1


    Any advice would be appreciated. Doesnt really say much in their manual regarding ceiling height but dont want it to be ineffective.


  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    To respond literally, of course the equipment will operate. I believe your question is really, "will it operate effectively."

    If you have a high-performance building envelope--one with significantly better-than-average levels of insulation and air-sealing--and the system is designed with your ceiling height in mind, then the equipment should be able to heat and cool the house, just not as efficiently as it would in a house with lower ceilings. You do need to access the equipment for maintenance regularly, which might be challenging, depending on your design.

    If your building envelope is average or worse, or if the equipment is not designed for the space, then there is a very good chance that the conditioned air won't make its way to the floor level very well.

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