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Gree 1 way casette units

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi GBA community,

Happy new year. Were looking to getting Gree 1 way cassette units but they only come in the multi outdoor units. Was wondering if -5 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient for NYC Brooklyn weather. It never really gets below 0 but was wondering if it can still be used it it ever were to go down below -5.

I couldnt find any data or manuals on its turndown ratio on the Gree website but I remember a lot of the admins here use some type of website to find more accurate info as I also cant find any min heating or cooling capacities to see how low the multi units can go since they dont allow 1 to 1 configuration for the 1 way cassette. 

We were going with the multipro GMV-24WL/C-T(U) for the 1 bedrooms and the GMV-36WL/C-T(U) for the mezzanine apts and then the GMV-48WL/C-T(U) for the large 1st floor and basement apt.

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  1. brian_wiley | | #1

    I can’t speak to the suitability of that for your climate zone, but I believe the site you want is!/

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