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Green Builder Consulting Cost

bwsct | Posted in General Questions on

I’m looking to have a remodel done on my house.  Its is mostly exterior work, roof and windows are in need of replacement.  Also the house has no insulation so I was hoping to have blown in cellulose done and possibly redo existing cedar shake siding that needs work and then have exterior insulation add as well.  
I’m only aware of one contractor in my area who can lay at the plan and get the work done like this.  They charge $2,500 to create a plan and another $2,500 once the work is completed.  

Does that cost seem reasonable?  I was expecting quite a bit less.

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    That seems entirely reasonable, and actually a good deal for management costs for a GC who is going to hire an roofing, insulation, window and possibly a siding sub and supervise them to be sure the work is done properly. Is that their scope?

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