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Guide for Plumbing

kurte | Posted in General Questions on

What is the best guide book available for someone that wants to complete all of their own plumbing on a new house build?

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  1. Expert Member


    What's your starting point? Do you have some experience and just need confirmation of a few code issues, starting from scratch with no relevant skills, or somewhere in between?

  2. kurte | | #2

    Somewhere in between I would say. I've overseen a few construction projects and understand some basic principles and materials used, but haven't actually done the work myself.

    1. AlexPoi | | #3

      If you are in Canada, Mathematic Plumber on youtube has some great videos.

      Otherwise, Peter Hemp book is not bad. If I remember correctly, he doesn't like wet venting so there is nothing in his book about this subject.

  3. Expert Member
    PETER G ENGLE PE | | #4

    In the USA and any other IRC-governed area, the Code Check series of flip books is a great reference. There is one specifically for plumbing. The last time I checked it was available at HD. The books are illustrated with plain-language requirements. This won't tell you the process of doing the actual installation, but it will show you what things need to look like when they're done. It also gives code chapter and verse references if you need to get down into the weeds. You probably also want the "Building" version of the book, as it provides cutting and notching requirements along with other useful stuff.

  4. rockies63 | | #5

    I would look for Hammerpedia videos on Youtube or sign up for their newsletter on their site.

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