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Hawaii construction: doors, windows and the elements

VmrTxgNdz7 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’ve worked in design & construction for decades now, but am faced with a challenge to design & build a house in a very windy, salty, sunny, termite infested location in Hawaii (and yes, subject to earthquakes, but only 110 mph winds).

The intent is to maximize views and minimize maintenance (all doors/windows will require periodic washdowns), but what will be the most durable over time. Good news is that the harsh winds will face a solidish wall with only ventilation windows – could be any type, but the view side of the house calls for large expanses of glazing (floor to ceiling) – which is where I seek advice.

Vinyl, well, not the most aesthetically pleasing and limits the size of the openings. The Kynar finished aluminum leaves the joints at the corner vulnerable to corrosion and I hear horror stories of the fiberglass of old (but is this outdated?). Seems like fiberglass would be a great product if the resins don’t give out.

Seeking designers/builders who have experience with the aforementioned over the last 20 years and pros and cons of each (or perhaps better options not mentioned).

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Teak, mahogany. I would see what the best do where you are too. There must be a custom door and window shop.

  2. VmrTxgNdz7 | | #2

    Great ideas, but they were filtered out due to maintenance issues. The UV is extremely strong closer to the equator and clear finishes just don't hold up (unless you have an endless budget for maintenance).

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