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  1. ohioandy | | #1

    Alan, what is your experience with this dryer? I assume the link you provided is a liquidation outfit, selling off this discontinued product, but apparently they still have some since the listing is still up.

  2. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #2

    We've had our Whirlpool Heat Pump dryer for 2 1/2 years. It works well. We're very pleased. We do a lot of laundry.

  3. AlanB4 | | #3

    I find it works with some caveats. It takes 1.5-2hrs a load using about half the energy of a regular dryer.
    You have to clean both filters after each load, the front filter says every 5 loads and has a reminder light but if you don't clean it after each load drying takes longer and longer, by 5 loads it can take 3 hours or more not saving any energy at all. Both filters are rather flimsy, the secondary being particularly so and needs to be washed as well as cleaned. Mine has not broken but thats because i am very gentle with it. Also dryer lint gets everywhere, every now and then i have to clean the main filter area and secondary filter area with a vacuum (every 5 loads would work). It adds some humidity to the room (and heat) and may be adding some lint dust as well.
    You have to use the proper setting or drying will take forever also negating any energy savings and the speed setting is barely any faster so assume you don't have it

  4. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #4

    We haven't noticed the lint problem Alan mentions. It does take longer to dry a load, but we are rarely in a hurry, so it doesn't matter. A big selling point for us was avoiding a big hole in the building envelope.

  5. jackofalltrades777 | | #5

    I ended up buying the BLOMBERG unit which is a German engineered VENTLESS heat pump dryer. It works great and as others have mentioned it does take longer to dry but it is very energy efficient and easy on the clothes.

    Running it 4 days every week for an entire month, I believe it used maybe $3.00 in electrical costs at 12 cents per kWh.

    One does have to clean the lint filter more often and more thoroughly but that should be done regardless if it is a ventless or standard dryer. Lint fires account for thousands of home fires per year.

  6. AlanB4 | | #6

    @Stephen That is very shocking, i noticed it pretty quickly, and i couldn't figure out at first why it was taking 3 hours a load to dry, it was using more energy then the old dryer.
    I noticed after a secondary filter cleaning the time dropped back down so tried 3 load cleaning, still wasn't enough, it has to be after every load. And the lint is insidious, i think i understand why Martin and others have said in other threads that regular dryers venting indoors should never be done. I manage the extra lint now but do need to stay on top of it, their recommended regular filter cleaning after every load and secondary after 5 is simply untenable.

    I bought it for the same reasons, no hole in the envelope and the energy savings (and the fact i got it for about the same price as a regular dryer) and i would purchase it again, but it is more maintenance and trouble then a regular dryer.

  7. jackofalltrades777 | | #7

    I came from the days of hanging clothes outside on a line to let them dry. Sometimes it would take 3+ hours depending on the weather. Plus all the labor and time to hang the clothes and take them down one at a time.

    We have become a "want it now fast society" and I am not criticizing anyone here but reading some of the comments and thinking back on hanging clothes on a line brings everything to perspective.

    If it takes an hour extra and another 10 minutes to clean a lint filter to have the convenience of not having to hang clothes outside and save energy, why is that such a hard thing?

  8. AlanB4 | | #8

    I don't think you understand, i am not complaining about the extra time, i am saying if you don't clean the filter after each load then the extra time taken means your using more energy per load then a regular dryer. That defeats the purpose of buying an appliance to save energy, especially for those who are off grid and count watts. Knowing how to prevent this electricity waste with a minute of work is worthwhile IMO.
    And i'm also saying don't count on the speed setting because it barely works even if you clean the filter after each load.
    Like i said i would buy it again but i do think people should know the details of a technology before they commit to it so they can plan accordingly and not be disappointed.

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