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HVAC design and consultant in southern Ontario

Lazenby | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m looking for some help finding an HVAC designer and consultant to help with my Reno addition in southern Ontario.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Yupster | | #1

    Feels a little self-promoting but our firm, Trevor Day & Associates, does HVAC design. We are based in Havelock, Ontario. I don't know if that's southern enough for you. :) The supply houses usually have someone on staff but they aren't always the best qualified.
    You can also look on the GBA bulletin board for a list of "green" literate builders and designers by region.

  2. TNCave | | #2

    Hello Adam,

    We're building a house right now and I'm having some buyers remorse on the HVAC consultation. The design is excellent, but I really wish I had talked more with potential installers on the front end of the project.

    You may be in a completely different situation, but here, there are no building codes and builders/trades-people, are pretty unfamiliar with general green building concepts. We got our HVAC consultation back about two weeks ago and so far I haven't found anyone who can/will do the install as designed.

    Looking back, I really wish we had explored the universe of local HVAC businesses more thoroughly on the front end and at least involved them in the process. Installers I've spoken with do not want to install and put their name on a system they don't understand or don't believe in.

    This has been my experience so far, but we're in the middle of it and hoping for a happy ending. I'd be very curious to hear reports from other folks who have used HVAC consultants with their residential projects.


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