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Heat pumps and vaulted ceilings…

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Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience installing a heat pump in a main living area with a vaulted ceiling? The peak of the ceiling itself is 12 feet.

The reason I ask is that I didn’t want to install a mini-split in the room, only to find the bulk of the heat ending up in the ceiling area. Installing a ceiling fan is, unfortunately, not an option.

I’ve also looked into floor consoles, as it seems as though they would provide heat closer to living level. It would still drift up, of course, but it might make the room more comfortable, I’m not sure.

The attached drawing isn’t 100% accurate, but hopefully it will at least help explain what I’m trying to figure out. The x’s are places where a heat pump won’t fit, and the Y’s are places where one is be possible.

We’d had three installers through, and their answers have all varied, so I’m guessing it’s just a challenging lay out to configure.

Any help would be most appreciated,


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  1. Dave_in_PEI | | #1

    Apologies for posting this question multiple times! I kept getting a "critical error" message when I tried to post it. And for some reason, I can't seem to delete it.

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