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Heat pumps for cold climate

user-968917 | Posted in Mechanicals on

Is anyone aware of any conventional split system products (not mini-splits, but to be installed with a conventional air handler) available on the market with a cut-off temperature below -8C (17F)?

I am aware of the Mitsubishi Zuba central but the capacity of this product is much higher than what I need.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. brad_rh | | #1

    In addition to Rheem, American Standard and York have units that go below 17F.

    Check out the list here

  2. walta100 | | #2

    Take a look at the Rheem Classic Plus Series
    17 Seer the 24k BTU unit is rated for 15.5k BTUs at 17°F
    Also this unit will vary the compressor speed from 5600 RPM down to 1100 RPM.

    Note the E in air handler’s part number denotes electronic expansion valve option.


  3. user-626934 | | #3

    Most conventional residential heat pumps do NOT have a low cut off temperature. ALL residential heat pumps listed in the AHRI directory include listing data at 47F and 17F. Most conventional heat pump manufacturers will publish heating performance data down to at least 0F in their expanded capacity tables...some as low as -10F or -15F.

  4. user-968917 | | #4

    Thanks everyone.


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