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Help — steel roof is leaking!

kslabsteve | Posted in General Questions on

We have a steel roof that has been repaired poorly with the wrong products. now I’m trying to clean up and fix the mess. first off what would be the best way to strip the trash coating off, second what should we use to seal it [they have been using henry solar shield without great effect] any advise would be apreciated

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  1. Expert Member

    You need to call a contractor with experience with metal roofing. Steel roofs should never be installed or repaired with sealants. They should rely on lapped flashing and closure strips. Someone who knows what they are doing can take things apart and put them back together properly so it doesn't happen again.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    In most cases, a steel roof is made waterproof by physical laps (in other words, upper sheets of roofing and upper layers of flashing should overlap lower layers of roofing or flashing).

    There are exceptions of course, especially for low-slope roofs. But in most cases, you can't use a coating to solve a leak in a steel roof.

  3. Expert Member

    I see by your response in another thread that you don't think our answers were much help. Maybe I can explain. You are asking what product to use to repair a metal roof. Unfortunately the answer is that none of these product is much help - as you have found out already by trying them. As Martin has pointed out: metal roofs are installed in layers, with flashing bent and folded to provide a waterproof plane. If you need any sealants it is because there was an error made when the roof was installed or it has since been damaged.
    Why I suggested getting someone other than yourself to fix it is that it is a specialized trade. You aren't as you put it "an invalid", but you don't know anything about metal roofs. You need help from someone who does.

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