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Hidden Q&A Thread?

Bruce_Davis | Posted in General Questions on

I originally posted this radon remediation thread over a year ago (12/16/2019).

On 02/17/2021, I received an email notification of a new reply from @C L.  Followed the email link to the thread.  I replied on 02/18/2021 on referenced thread.  Problem is I cannot find the thread listed on the recently active Q&A (General Questions), going back to 02/16/2021.

I can only find the thread through the email link.  I had this happen to me before after I posted on a somewhat dormant thread.  Thanks.

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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    It shows up for me on p. 4 of the recently active Q&A:

    It also shows up on your member page:

    Another thing you can do to return to questions of interest to you is to bookmark them with the icon to the right of the social media links.

  2. Bruce_Davis | | #2

    I must be getting old or going crazy---or both. I looked back through there several times in the last two days, didn't see it. I just want to be sure others see it, as I still need some responses. Thanks.

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