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Homefresh carpet, a healthier carpet or bs claims

PLIERS | Posted in General Questions on

Hey hope everyone is doing well. I like the idea of carpet but I am always concerned about mold and mildew. This is not a plug for this carpet brand just want to know if it’s actually healthier than traditional carpet as it claims. Also is their other products that do the same thing this claims. The carpet claims it’s pet and kid friendly, it’s made of recycled materials and allows air flow. It’s also supposed to have low voc and is hypoallergenic.  If air flows through it as claimed would that stop the carpet from trapping moisture? How would this perform on a concrete surface or in a damp environment? I would think it would allow moisture to evaporate. I attached a video:

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    I think air can pass through most carpet. Carpet is a pretty open mat of yarn, and that yarn is supported by a backing that is like a very coarse canvas. I'd be more concerned with the padding being a vapor barrier than the carpet itself.


  2. Patrick_OSullivan | | #2

    > How would this perform on a concrete surface or in a damp environment?

    What does your intuition say? Because mine says: "no way, no how".

    Let's take them separately though:

    > concrete surface

    Is it insulated? Does it have a vapor barrier underneath? The lack of those increase the chances that the carpet will insulate the slab enough to lower the temperature of the slab surface to the dew point. The slab being otherwise insulated helps fight this. The slab having a vapor barrier underneath fights this.

    > damp environment

    No interior building area should be a 'damp environment'. Maybe we can say that a shower is temporarily a damp environment, but I also think we'd all agree that carpet has no place in a shower.

    This carpet may very well be a fine product (or it may not), but I'd be curious about why you're considering putting it (0r any other product) in an adversarial environment.

  3. PLIERS | | #3

    Thanks for the responses, I guess my questions have been answered. This is at the end of the day still carpet and nothing special beyond on that. They made it seem revolutionary like it would change the whole concept of carpeting. I guess this is no different that any other carpet. I wouldn't consider putting in a damp environment but was thinking it would perform better if it did come it contact with humidity or moisture. I guess no building science breakthrough here.

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