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How do I properly vent a hip roof

Rocknh1 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi, Martin.

My apologies, I have no idea what I am doing.  I am just a dad trying to help his daughter.  She just bought a house in New Hampshire built in 1952 which is getting a substantial update.  I only know enough about attic ventilation to get myself in trouble but I have always heard that attic ventilation – up through the soffits into the attic and out roof vents – is important.  The house is smallish  (about 22 by 42) and has a hip roof.  It has a nice wide soffit but only one nice big vent on each side.  Our building contractor has sealed between every rafter all the way around inside the attic at the exterior wall (from ceiling to roof) except between  those rafters that have attic vents.  See the picture I took below.  (The ceiling has not been sealed yet).  The roof is going to be replaced and the roofing contractor was going to put in more soffit vents and a ridge vent.  He really believes in lots of ventilation.  He is also concerned that the area above the soffits is now sealed off and may collect moisture from underneath that may lead to rot over the long run.  The building contractor (through and insulation company) used you as his reference for this sealing off process and send me some of your information.  Nice website!  My daughter and I like both of these contractors.  What is your recommendation for the best way to proceed?


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