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How do you properly install insulweb on ceiling joists?

kevinkeegan | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I would like to install insulweb or a similar product on my ceiling joists in preparation for blowing in cellulose. I plan to sheet rock the ceiling when the insulation is completed. I have never worked with insulweb or blown in cellulose. I’m doing this for sound purposes. I plan to rent the blowing machine from a big box store and do this work myself. I’m concerned about sagging. or bulging which could cause trouble for the sheet rocker?  How can I avoid this potential problem? 
Thank you, Kevin

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  1. Expert Member


    If you are insulating the joists cavities for sound attenuation, I would suggest using acoustical resilient channels under the drywall - which would also make slight bulging of the cellulose less of an issue.

    1. kevinkeegan | | #2

      Hi Malcom,
      Thank you for you fast response. I would very much like to use the resilient channels however I can not build down the ceiling any further, and cost is also a consideration. I plan to use 5/8" sheet rock. The joist bays are approximately 8 inches deep, and about 14 feet long. As I mentioned earlier I would use the big box store blowing machine and green fiber cellulose. Do you think without the resilient channels I will create a hardship for the sheet rocker? I thought of blowing it in after the sheet rock is installed but since I do not have experience with the material and I have concerns that I may not be able to tell if the joist cavities are properly filled, I thought using the insulweb would allow me to see that I have filled the entire joist bay.
      What do you think?
      Thank you, Kevin

      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


        My suspicion is you will be fine, but having never done it I'm going to defer to other posters who have direct experience with cellulose in joist bays.

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