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How to connect existing framing to existing foundation

Sam2112 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi, my house was built in 1973 and I’m pretty sure it’s not mechanically connected to the foundation. I’d previously asked a question about sealing the gap between the foundation and the mudsill, since the mudsill is not PT and the house is sitting on shims almost entirely. While doing this I noticed the the rim joist is overhanging half an inch on one side of the exterior and the top of the foundation is exposed the same amount on the other.

I’ve looked and found not metal connections. I’m looking for options to attach the framing to the foundation to prevent any future movement. The foundation is poured concrete and we have full basement. 


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  1. Expert Member


    Probably the easiest retrofit anchor are the Simpson Titans.

    1. Sam2112 | | #2

      Thanks Malcom! There's only about 9.5 inches between the top of the mudsill and the bottom of the subfloor, and I don't think I could get my hammer drill in there. How would you install something like this? Cut a hole in the subfloor? The house is gutted right now so it's possible, but secondary question is how many of these I would need to put in?

      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


        Assuming you are not in a high wind or seismic zone, 6 ft oc is the typical spacing.

        This might be a better option for tight spaces:

        1. shedworkshop | | #4

          A quick search led me to and

          I'm not an engineer though so Sam2112 would have to read Simpson's technical documents to see whether they work for the specific situation.

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