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How to enter a VRV system into REM/Rate for a HERS

Kevin Perri | Posted in Mechanicals on

I am working on a mulit-unit, multifamily building that has several VRV systems. I am only modeling a single living unit for each floor. The unit that I am entering has two (2) VRV outside units tied together which runs the 1 inside unit for the living area I am entering. There are 9 inside units throughout the floor.

The model numbers are REMQ96PTJU and REMQ72PTJU. Since the units act somewhat like a ground-source heat pump, that is what I have entered. The only issue with that is there is a significant variation in the HERS when entering the # of wells, and trench length, and flow. I also tired to enter it as an air-source heat pump but all the specs gave me were EER and COP.

How do you enter VRV systems into REM/Rate and get a reliable HERS?

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  1. Kurt Schorsch | | #1

    Have you tried posing this question to Rem Rate support?
    I have had success with this contact:
    Brian Christensen

  2. Hunter Dendy | | #2

    There are also a few good RESNET related groups in Linkedin that might be a good source for advice.

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