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How to seal a stud wall addition on log cabin

eorr | Posted in General Questions on


We’re adding a stud wall addition to a log cabin. The addition has 6″ walls, Rockwool, Intello + on the inside, Mento 1000 outside, 2″ Comfortboard, and then Hardie siding. 

I’m wondering how I should seal the addition where the stud walls join the cabin. Should I just tape the vapor barriers to the existing log wall? Or should I caulk first, etc.?


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  1. Expert Member


    I have done framed additions to Panabodes, which are log structures with (fairly) squared off logs.

    I fastened a 1"x6" to the logs, and ran a router up them to cut a groove that the sheathing would fit into. I then did the same where the drywall would be on the interior of the wall. This made the transition and sealing fairly easy.

    1. eorr | | #2

      Thanks, Malcolm, that sounds like a great way to handle it. Unfortunately this is an afterthought and I already have my walls butted up to the cabin. I think I can still do that for the inside but maybe spray foam would work for the outside?

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