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HRV ducting and condensate drain

VapourOpen | Posted in Mechanicals on

Some HRV manufacturers claim that the units can be installed in a closet. But not all closets have drains for condensate.

Do all HRV or ERV units require drains? My climate only falls below 18 -20 deg C for maybe 2 days/year. I would like to put my unit in a closet, but there is no drain nearby. If a drain is absolutely required for either HRV or ERV, then i would have to relocate it.

I have noticed that some people use PVC ducting. Could aluminum flex duct that is pulled tightly also be used (the thick stuff)?

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  1. mackstann | | #1

    The Panasonic ERV requires no condensate drain as far as I can tell. But it doesn't use interior ductwork so it wouldn't make sense to install it in a closet anyway.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    In general, HRVs are more likely to require condensate drains than ERVs, but there are exceptions. Contact the manufacturer of the unit you are considering and ask whether the unit requires a condensate drain.

    Most installation manuals are now available on the web, so you should be able to find the information with a little web surfing.

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