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HRV ducts in a slab-on-grade bungalow

arnoldk | Posted in Mechanicals on


I am designing a ~2000 sq. ft. slab on grad bungalow home which will hopefully be airtight (below 1 ACH) and very well insulated with grid tied PV (net metering). I am located in Ottawa, Canada which I believe is a climate zone 6A.

Currently I am researching and educating myself regarding various heating (ductless mini split) and HRV option. The dilemma I am running into is not wanting to run the HRV ducts into the attic for the many reason most of you already know. Other than creating a ceiling service cavity below the insulation/air-barrier, are there any other options?

Thank you

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    Soffits at the crown-moulding level can work. The duct sizes are pretty small.

    The same soffit can be used for mounting wall-wash and other downlighting fixtures. Be creative!

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Here is a link to an article that addresses your questions: Keeping Ducts Indoors.

  3. arnoldk | | #3

    Thanks for those ideas/links Dana. My wife who studied Interior Design and Sustainable Building and will likely have a field trip coming up with creative ideas to hide HRV Ducts.

    I am also wondering if installing a few Lunos HRV would be worth considering even though I suspect pricing wise it would be similar or more compared to a traditional ducted HRV system?

    Thanks Martin for the link

  4. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #4

    Arnold, Lunos' offerings are made for your situation. You might also want to look at the Zehnder 70 spot ventilation device.

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