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HRV – Heat Recovery vs Fan Efficiency Question

Andy2022 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m trying to decide on an HRV for a tight house in Zone 7A, heated by a ccASHP.

Our HVAC installer has given us two options available at his supplier. A Vanee and a Fantech unit.

The Vanee has an ASRE of 78 to 67% efficiency, while the Fantech has an ASRE of 87 to 69% (see image below). The Fantech unit does not use an ECM however, so the fan is 30-70% less efficient.

In a situation like this, which would be the better unit to go with. One that is up to 10% more efficient at retaining heat, or one that uses less power for the motor?

Fantech do an ECM version of their product (in the spreadsheet attached), but it’s over $1000 more from the HVAC installers supplier, so I don’t see it as being economically feasible.

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  1. LukeInClimateZone7 | | #1

    if I remember correctly, ASRE includes fan power whereas SRE does not (or did I get that reversed)
    this doesn't answer your question.
    this trade-off probably begs for some modeling or at least some temperature bin analysis.

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