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Humidifier and Dehumidifier with dedicated ducts

orange_cat | Posted in General Questions on

I see that dehumidifier may be most efficient when installed with dedicated ducts. It appears ducts do not need to be in every room.

What about steam humidifer? Can it run through the same dedicated ducts?

Essentially, I am considering a standalone humidifer and dehumidifier – whole house. I can integrate them (and erv) into existing ductwork. But while ERV can run without the forced air heat/cooling, it is not the case for the humidifier (and may or may not be the case for the dehumidifier).

But the need for dehumidifier is mostly in shoulder season, when neither heat nor cooling are needed. So I get the independent ducts.
But then I wonder if the same ducts can be repurposed for a steam humidifier?
The idea is to avoid mold (smaller ducts), and add moisture independent of heat. (This is partly driven by the needs of solid hardwood flooring and paneling that are finicky about moisture. And hydronic heat, where air circulation is marginal – erv – in heating season).

Is this possible?

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