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Hurricane preparation work is evolving

Martin Holladay | Posted in General Questions on

Here’s a photo showing a worker in Florida preparing for Hurricane Dorian. (The photo appeared in today’s New York Times.) He’s installing plywood on a storefront.

Twenty years ago, this task involved nails or screws. These days, the smart people are also including peel-and-stick tape. Good job!

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  1. Robert Opaluch | | #1

    Is that you, Martin?? Did you retire down there? :-)

  2. Jon_R | | #2

    Assuming there is a waterproof window behind the plywood, why? But OK, maybe there isn't or won't be.

    Hmm, looks like Dap Seal’n Peel is useful for closing up window/door gaps.

    1. burninate | | #3

      Jon R:
      Flying debris

      Only a really well-built window will stand up to extreme wind pressure, but they do exist. They do not make them to deal with the impact of 2x4 missiles, though.

      Typically the way a home gets leveled by wind, when they do, begins with a window or door failing, and pressurizing the house like a parachute, lifting the roof off.

      Additional sheathing helps with both things.

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