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IMHO Robert’s question is… what does green mean?

GBA Editor | Posted in General Questions on

Green Building. Define it all…. In your humblest opinions.

Green does mean to most sustainability… well to be blunt of the human race… us and our children. It means whatever actions we take today will not impact us adversely now or in the future.

Technology doesn’t have to impact us adversely but as Robert points out there is a price to pay for every action we take. Scientifically we know about the laws of thermodynamics, about quatum mechanics… and so much more all in the short span of a few hundred years.

We are now ready to build living organism from designer DNA. Are you ready to see those new life forms at the grocery store or knocking at your front door?

Green. What does it mean to you?

note: stay on any topic bar one.. trashing the poster… yes gentle people?

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    ADKJAC (or Bill, or whatever your name is),

    This is a fine question, though one that's been asked before on this forum. But please don't diminish the scope of my question or interpret my intentions. Let this be your question. It's certainly not what I was getting at in my thread.

  2. adkjac | | #2

    Robert... names? What is it with you? You know who posted. This site is about being gentleman. My post was in such a manner. My name is posted. ADKJAC. Yours is Robert Riversong. Mine could be Elton John or Santa Claus. The next guy could be George Washington.. not our dead president years gone by... just..... George Washington. Now maybe his name is Carver George Washington... or maybe mine is William... but I prefer Bill with high school friends, another name from rafting, another for my mother, another for vollehball, another for posting about building... as in years ago at Fine Homebuilding and here... ADKJAC... get used to the name... write it on a sticky note near your computer... if you forget, I will fill you in again... or the site can... they know me.

    stick with the subjects. and another thing... whether you think this way or that way... I myself very much value all you have to yap about and agree with most all of it too!!!!

    peace... stick with posts... as your yak... not the poster... not their name... or nickname... or there favorite baseball team... all not relevant here.

    your friend whether you like it or not... Bill... aj... Adkjac... you can stick with aj as the shortest and easiest if you would like. I would like that too.

    aj (short for Adirondack Jac)

    Why is this so complicated??????

  3. adkjac | | #3

    On topic... green... local sawn lumber... using handtools, using natural products, using new tech wisely to reduce our footprint on the planet.... or consumption, or refuse and pollution. Build 1000 year structures or very Earthly low tech low to no cost structures.

    living within our refuse, less pollution tomorrow than today... less water use tomorrow than today... the end of any water or ocean dumping of any kind...

    less people...

    less religion

    more local ...

    more neighbohood living,,,, consuming, disposing, planting, gardening, energy, activity, inter independent communities not smart grid connected communities with central control... local control!... shared with larger...

    Building showcase green homes with products that cost twice that of "non green" is not doing a lot to make this planet of ours a sustainable world.

    We don't have to go back to living in caves though... but we sure need to address where are energy comes from, how much we each need of it, how many of us there are, pollution of all types, and lastly the big one... what to do to stop this move to complete world connectedness that can only lead to a world that surely no one can survive in or should want to survive in. The day is coming when knowledge will need to be locked down and or we will need all to be under full time survellance less any single one of us decides to whip up the next mass destruction item... with $10 of future Radio Shack parts or Bio Nano Shack parts. Of course... the days are here already... like you know... remote cell phone turn on capabilities?


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