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Innie doors

Dave B | Posted in Green Building Techniques on


Trying to find out the best way to do the sill on my exterior doors.
The doors are set in flush with the interior and have the jambs and sills extended out the same length of the rough framing, which is roughly 11″ deep( I have 6″ exterior insulation)
I trying to figure how to flash the sill, if I put a slope sill, it’s only 6″ wide so where would you put it, front or back of the 11″  Would you just use a back dam, or some combination of both?
I was planning on covering the sill in ZIP stretch tape.
I was thinking metal sill but thought I’d read something about not doing that in cold climate.
How have people done their door sills with innie doors and thick walls?


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  1. GBA Editor
  2. Paul Kuenn | | #2

    Hey Dave, after I did the standard flashing I used a wide cedar siding to slope then installed a Z bent piece of treadplate aluminum. The upper flange is only 1/4" and sits under threshhold with the larger flange downhill to kick out any wet stuff. After 5 years, no bounce and is great in icy and snowy climate. See attachment

  3. Jay Johnson | | #3

    Hi Paul, this is an interesting subject to me too as I plan my project. I also read your blog. Very informative. Thanks for the picture of your door. Could you add any more pictures of how you added your trim around the "innie" door? Thanks!

  4. Lance Peters | | #4

    Subscribed! Good info here.

  5. Paul Kuenn | | #5

    Sorry Jay, As time went on I had little time for taking photos and it was getting dark so early in October by the time I got to that side. I did that door like the patio door. Purchased the widest Trex and basically built a long buck like doing a window except that the bottom was slanted so when I inserted into the door frame on top of the beveled siding piece, it all sat nicely. I then nailed pvc trim exterior to door frame so I had something to attach the screen door to. Photo is the patio door which I did in the same way minus screen door jams.

  6. Paul Kuenn | | #6

    Forgot to mention, under the door buck I layered foam and 2x8s and whatever plywood made up the correct new depth of the door. Didn't want any flexing going on at the bottom.

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