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Insulated lime concrete floor in Scotland

sixboys | Posted in Building Code Questions on

seeking someone in Scotland uk who has successfully specified an insulated lime concrete floor in Scotland for a building warrant. We are planning a new extension and renovations to an old sandstone house in Scotland and to do so we need to specify exactly how we are building it in order to get the permission document known as a warrant. In order to work well with the old walls of the house I have specified a breathable lime concrete floor insulated with recycled foam glass aggregate but my building control officer wants a specific certificate (a BBA certificate) that this simply does not have, he wants me to put in a cement concrete floor with a damp proof course which I fear will damage my building. Every single example of a similar floor in Scotland so far that I can find has been installed as a renovation / replacement so has not needed a warrant. The floors are more common in England and Wales but their regulations are very different. Please help! it would be mad to have to put in cement concrete only to take it out again and put in limeĀ  just to get around the lack of a piece of paper!!

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  1. Expert Member

    I've included a link for those readers unfamiliar with lime-concrete floors.

  2. sixboys | | #2

    Thank you! Also readers can look up "limecrete" which is another name and find lots of English and Welsh examples and companies.

  3. Expert Member

    Because we seldom see load-bearing masonry buildings here in North America, our approach to excluding water from travelling into the structure is very different than I think your's is in Scotland. Hopefully there are some UK posters who have some experience and can help.

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