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Insulated slab and rim joist what if any improvements will I have

PLIERS | Posted in General Questions on

Hi so I have asked a lot about insulating basement floor but I just want to see where I would be at. Westchester county area, about 500-600 square footage. Floor will be insulated with r3 with plywood/osb subfloor, area rugs on top, probably not going to do much but will protect a soft floor for kids from mold. Rim joist insulated with 2 in rigid foam, 1 inch rockwool for fire barrier. Plan to insulate wall but don’t know if I need to do right away or it can wait. Plan to drylok any masonry walls, some are actually dividing the areas in basement so they are actually internal walls. If I hold off this summer on insulating rest of wall will it cause problems in my flooring or would I be able to dehumidify space and at least have a nice floor for kids to play on. I’m thinking heating the place next winter would be an issue without walls insulated fully but in summer I’m trying to control the internal humidity. As always, thank you much appreciated advice.

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