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insulating a tight attic space under a flat roof

dborowsk | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for advice on how to insulate a small 12″-24″ high attic space under a flat roof.  It’s existing and we’re looking to do it without tearing up the roof above or the ceiling below.   

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  1. plumb_bob | | #1

    Where are you at? How much insulation is required? Will there be a ventilation space above the insulation? Vented soffits or?Rafters? Trusses?

    Without access from above or below you are going to be hard pressed/unable to do an effective insulating job, especially on sections with 12" clearance. If you can find somebody to worm around in the sections with 24" clearance you can either blow in loose insulation, or use batts. The 12" sections seem like an impossible task. The challenge is getting the insulation into the areas in needs to be in the proper manner, and keeping it out of the areas it should not be.

    Maybe somebody smarter has a solution?

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