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Insulating an interior garage wall

bets281 | Posted in General Questions on

Hello,  I have a 3 car garage and we framed a wall to close off the one car side (Heated and drywalled).   Craft faced insulation was installed to the heated side and covered in drywall.  Now we are insulating the 2 car side of the garage (will be heated also) and I am wondering if we can just put drywall over the interior wall insulation or should we use a vapor retarder (Aquabar B)? or is it not common to face both sides of an insulation batt, as the craft paper is already facing the one car side?  I am located in Ohio.   Thank you!

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    How are you heating the garage? What steps have you taken to separate the garage from your living space?

    1. bets281 | | #2

      Sorry, I should have mentioned it is a detached garage. Heating with ventless gas heater

  2. Deleted | | #3


  3. user-2310254 | | #4

    Unvented heaters are dangerous, especially if the doors are closed. You really should use a vented shop heater.

    Do you have any long-term plans to air condition the space?

    1. bets281 | | #5

      We haven't decided for sure on the heater for the 2 car side. We've had the blue flame in the one car space for years and we just run it on low and its never been a problem. We do go check on it often and open the door to get stuff out etc..

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