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Insulating and existing building

MuzzyRidge | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have an existing building located in Maine that was never insulated. The exterior is completed. The interior has no finish. Since I don’t have the option of insulating over the exterior, I would like to know what my best options are for insulating from the inside. The framing is 2×6. The attic space has gable vents. 
Thank you, Paul

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  1. iwatson | | #1

    What's the intended purpose of this building? Home? Cottage? Garage?

    1. MuzzyRidge | | #3


  2. begreener | | #2

    When you say the interior has "no finish" does this mean no sheetrock on the wall - just open studs?

    1. MuzzyRidge | | #5

      My thought at this point was to use rockwool in the stud bays and then going over the inside of the stud surface with 1 in rockwool sheets. I was then thinking of using a smart vapor barrier. It's a two floor building with about 700 square feet per floor with a large percentage of window space.

  3. MuzzyRidge | | #4

    Yes, open studs

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