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Insulation material for an aluminum building

UGA_Dawg | Posted in General Questions on

What is best insulation material for 24’W x 40’L x 14’ walls and 6 ½ pitch aluminum (coated & certified) building with a ridge vent on a slab? Building will house an RV and its accessories (LP gas containers, generator…)? We prefer to avoid materials that birds or rats like for nesting, and are concerned about mold too. Our location is the McDonough, GA area, zone 3A. 

We will NOT install HVAC cooling or heating; however, we do have a ceiling fan. This insulation project will be hired-out. Thanks in advance for your help 😊


  1. walta100 | | #1

    Are you planning on heating and or cooling this building?


  2. UGA_Dawg | | #2

    No heating or cooling other than existing ceiling fan. Forgot to mention that the aluminum building has a ridge vent.

  3. walta100 | | #3

    In that case I think insulation only increases the chance of condensation and mold.

    I recommend 10% more net free area of ventilation low on the walls than you have at the ridge.


    1. UGA_Dawg | | #4

      Thanks Walta

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