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Insulation questions

derekr | Posted in General Questions on

I’m using rockwool insulation, just a couple questions

the rim joist of my 2nd floor upstairs, can I put rockwool insulation over that or am I supposed to do it the same way as a rim joist is done in a basement or crawl space?

last question, I’m also putting the rockwool in my roof, am I supposed to take it all the way to top of ridge beam where the ridge would be completely covered in insulation (besides the vented part) or do I stop right before the insulation reaches the ridge beam?

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  1. derekr | | #1

    Bumping for a new day

    1. derekr | | #3

      So I can use the same insulation that I’m using in my walls? Don’t need to do anything special?

      What about the ridge

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