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Is a rubber/foam product a good choice for flooring underlayment?

user-5026070 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi, Is a recycled granulated rubber tire and high density frothed polyurethane foam product on the market the best underlayment for a 2nd story 1883 farmhouse condo with plywood on top of sub floor where I am installing solid oak hardwood (2 1/4″ strips)?
I like it because it has much published technical data that I can show my neighbor in the condo below where we are both interested in sound silencing. I thank you kindly for your expert advice.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I've never heard of installing hardwood flooring over a rubber/foam product. But we really can't evaluate the product, or tell you whether it is appropriate for this use, unless you give us the brand name.

  2. user-5026070 | | #2

    Martin, The product name is Sound Solution by Healthier Choice.

  3. user-671582 | | #3

    Their website says it's approved for hardwood installations, but I think it would be best to check with your wood manufacturer. Rosin paper is another green choice, but won't offer much sound attenuation.

    Have you considered an engineered wood product with a sound-attenuating underlayment? There are Greenguard certified engineered products designed for use over thicker underlayments.

  4. charlie_sullivan | | #4

    I would image that to some extent the nails going through the rubber/foam would carry the sound through. It would still provide some damping, and would reduce the impact when a heel strike lands away from a nail, but I would think it would provide better sound damping with a floating floor. And the installation instructions confirm that its primary intended application is with a floating floor.

  5. user-5026070 | | #5

    Thanks for your responses. The hardwood is reclaimed and was purchased from ReSource in Boulder, CO.

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