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Is Certainteed Membrain strong enough to support blown in cellulose in a ceiling?

Sknu | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Zone 6, cold winter, hot summer, low humidity climate.  New home with roof trusses on 24″ center.  Vented cold roof with steel roofing and full high temp ice/water shield on top of osb sheeting.  I will have R80 blown in cellulose in my attic/ceiling. 

Is CertainTeed membrain strong enough by itself to support the cellulose weight?  (The intello products state they can support ceiling insulation with battens on 65 cm centers (approx. 25″)).  But I cannot find anything published in CertainTeed membrain specs to state it can support loose fill cellulose in the ceiling.

DIY home building project, so I want to get the insulation installed before I get to the drywall (might be a while before I get to drywall).  So I am going to use some kind of insulation membrane and battens to support it until drywall is installed on the ceiling.  Therefore I thought why not install the Certainteed product, it is not that much more expensive than insulation mesh and can help control vapor and air movement in addition to my drywall/cellulose insulation.

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    Simple answer: NOPE!

    MemBrain is 2-mil thick nylon with no reinforcement. That's thicker & stronger than sandwich wrap, but it's pretty stretchy stuff.

  2. KeithH | | #2

    Point of distinction:
    Don't confuse Intello, which is not grid reinforced, with Intello Plus, which is grid reinforced. They are pretty different products in terms of strength. If you are going to use such a product for that purpose, you will want Intello Plus. I've found Intello Plus to be a very strong product.

    If you are planning to do battens before drywall, why not put the battens up long before the drywall. You'll need them in place to run electrical anyways?

  3. Sknu | | #3

    Thank you, that is what I thought as well due to the membrain thickness

  4. Sknu | | #4

    Sorry for the confusion, I was looking at the grid reinforced intelligence to put up as my air and smart vapor retarder, then put 1x4 battens, then blow in insulation on top
    I agree I can then run my electrical for lights and use low profile led lights to minimize penetrations in the intello.
    Then I can install the drywall later.

  5. Sknu | | #5

    Dana and Keith, thank you. You answered my question.

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