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Is there rating/HERS score software for builders and designers?

user-1151006997 | Posted in Building Code Questions on
I’m a general contractor/designer and I want to design with a HERS target plan. I’d like to have a good idea of the likely HERS score before submitting the plan to the township or hiring a rater.

When I was building in Alaska, I used AKWarm. I could get a very accurate picture of my eventual star rating for the house (required for rebates from AK Housing). That software was also incredibly accurate at predicting yearly energy usage.

I downloaded the REMDesign trial thinking I could enter the data a see a preliminary HERS score. However, when I try to generate a Energy Star report (any one), a screen appears for a microsecond and disappears. I’m now looking at the other RESNET approved software and don’t see anything available to non-raters.

Does anyone know if there is software available to non-raters that can generate a HERS score?

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  1. matthew25 | | #1

    BEopt? Not 1-for-1 with HERS (REM/RATE) but does a good high-level job of modeling energy usage.

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