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Kerf Designs Plywood Cabinetry with Exposed Edge Details

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

In reading through a recent edition of Dwell magazine I found this company that makes custom cabinetry with exposed plywood edges that I think look so cool!
I’ve always like the look of California and Australian beach shacks, and also¬† cabinetry that looks like the homeowner built the cabinets themselves out of whatever material they had on hand. I think the cabinets also have a great mid century modern kind of look.

Youtube channel.

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  1. Expert Member


    I really like the look too, and stopped edge-banding plywood a few years ago. The other thing I have been experimenting with is making birch plywood countertops, by laminating two sheets together and routing the edges. This is a small one in our kitchen.

  2. rockies63 | | #2

    I like exposed plywood edge countertops too. People always say that laminate counters look cheap but I think that's because everyone has only seen the rolled form versions at the big box stores. A flat sheet of laminate on top of a built up birch plywood base can look great.

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      I agree. Laminate has a bad name now. Maybe because it is associated with cheap kitchens? Just fashion? I prefer it to hard surfaces like marble.

  3. Chris_in_NC | | #4

    I remember the Kerf stuff from magazines some years back. Their exposed joinery details are pretty cool too, not just the exposed edges...

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