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Kitchen ventilation questions

fyHwJnSTuV | Posted in Mechanicals on

Working on installing a new kitchen, now. The house has been closed-cell soy foamed, with excellent tight windows now installed. The space is wide open — roughly 2,400 square feet.

Please advise on the level of clear thinking regarding island ventilation over the 5-burner gas cooktop. We’re thinking of foregoing an ugly large stainless Zephyr hood for a simple flush grate directly over the cooktop, 5.5′ over the burners, (with inline fan located in the attic, and vented directly outside — less then 20′ with one 90 degree angle).

Isn’t it (the hood) really for the couple of months of winter when the home is closed up tightly? Probably 8-9 months of year there would be a window/door opened.

We have an HVR system, also.

Your expert opinion will be appreciated.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Most building codes require a hood equipped with an exhaust fan over a kitchen stove. Make sure that your local building inspector approves of your plan before proceeding. Don't forget to include a grease filter; the filter must be located in an accessible location for regular cleaning.

    If you want to try living without a range hood, and your building inspector approves of your plan, go ahead. Some people might be satisfied with that arrangement; others, not. The main variables:

    1. People who do a lot of cooking are more likely to want a range hood.

    2. Meat-eaters are more likely to want a range hood than vegetarians, because the smokiest kitchen procedures usually involve cooking meat.

  2. user-659915 | | #2

    At five and a half feet above the stove the arrangement you describe will do next to nothing to remove cooking smoke, steam and smells. If you're trying to avoid an intrusive hood, consider a pop-up backdraft exhaust. Dacor does a pretty good one. Not good in an island installation if you're on a slab though.

  3. wjrobinson | | #3

    I have installed Viking pop up vents for needs such as yours and they basically do the job. Customers like you did not want a hood set up. The under counter direction takes a bit of planning ahead.

  4. leeslewis | | #4

    We have a futuro futuro hood and could not be more pleased. Ordered online and it came quickly (next day or two). Had nonstandard hookup and installer called the company. Adapter part was overnighted and company walked installer through the hook-up. Customer service is amazing. Love the hood and it works great! Good luck!

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