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Knowledgeable GC in Metrowest Massachusetts area

ranson | Posted in General Questions on

Can anyone suggest a general contractor that does work east of Worcester? The work isn’t specifically green building, but I’m hoping for someone who would do careful and correct air sealing and water management details on an old post-frame and brick house.  It needs a lot of new windows, fixed gutters, some interior trimwork, some attic framing, insulating, air sealing, deleading, and potentially some basement structural work and replacing a sill on a garage. 


(I am aware that the deleading has to be done by a licensed deleading contractor in MA. I just would prefer to let a GC supervise their schedule and quality.)

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  1. anonymoususer | | #1

    I recommend Kerry Koskinen. You can look him up on MA contractor license lookup webpage.

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