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Kraft-faced insulation and/or interior poly vapor retarder

mtbphoto | Posted in General Questions on

Hello. Finally going to remove all my 1/4″ plywood interior walls and replace with drywall. Zone 6, high elevation snowy high desert, no A/C, heating only, Sierra Mountains California. I would like to replace the old 1970’s insulation with R15 batts and the original insulation was installed poorly.
My question is should I go with Kraft faced batts or should I go unfaced batts with poly sheeting vapor barrier? Would it be a bad idea to go with both kraft faced batts and poly sheeting? I am finding it very hard to source Rockwool or unfaced insulation in my area.

Thank You

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Wesley,

    You could go with kraft-faced fiberglass batts and do not need to install poly sheeting over that. If you go with fiberglass batts, it is important to get the installation right. A big part of the work is air sealing. This article may be helpful if you choose to go with fiberglass: Making Fiberglass Work.

    If this is not a DIY project, you might also consider looking for a dense-pack cellulose installer, which is another good option.

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