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Unfaced or Kraft-faced Insulation for Garage

Mitch65 | Posted in General Questions on

My garage is unfinished and in process to install insulation, drywall and insulated garage doors.  I have contacted two insulation companies for quotes- one has recommended unfaced batt insulation and the other kraft-faced.   My house was built in 1986 so the exterior wall construction is masonite over Georgia Pacific C-208 fiberboard sheathing.  I live in North Carolina – Zone 4A, mixed humid climate.  The garage is attached and will not be heated or cooled. Would it matter which is used in this environment?  Is there anything I need to consider in using one over the other?

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  1. Patrick OSullivan | | #1

    > The garage is attached and will not be heated or cooled.

    Are you trying to isolate the house from the garage, or insulate the garage from the outside?

    1. Mitch65 | | #2

      Trying insulate from the outside.

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